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SharePoint 2010 Order List Field

An easy to use custom field for SharePoint 2010 allowing a user to order items within a list using up and down arrows.

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Please excuse the rather poor quality of the below video - I hope it goes far enough to show you what the field does

Default ordering in SharePoint 2010 is done using the list item ID field, should you wish to implement a more custom way of ordering items then the OOTB choices are limited. You could create a choice field with numbers from 1-infinity, or a number field allowing users to enter the order value they require - but none of these are exactly ideal. This led me to create the list item order field, a custom field type that you can use to create ordering columns. Functionality includes:

*Default value set to the next incremental order value
*Client side up and down movement of items in the list, list rows move as the order is changed
*Ability to edit the order value manually (should this be required)

Using the field is simple, as easy as creating any other list or content type column.

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